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Welcome to the Realm of Kanta

The new board game from Chinook Games

A plague has shut the borders of all states throughout Kanta, cutting off the clans from their source of wealth.

Which clan will you lead?

Now the plague subsides. It’s time to lead your clan. Claim the states that will bring you the most wealth. 

Your tiles are your councils

Send each council to claim a state and open its borders.  Councils may go to any state that is next to one that's occupied. 

Kanta's three languages

Each state has six borders. By sending a council to a state, you control which of the three languages of Kanta is spoken at each border.

Any council that is sent to a neighbouring state must speak the same language you established at the shared border. A common language means a treaty of commerce is achieved, and the border opens.

Be resourceful

Each clan has its own strengths, so choose carefully.

Buy or earn resources to gain advantage over others. They allow you to reach difficult places, steal and undermine other clans, and defend yourself.

Build your wealth

A ring of six occupied states brings wealth to all clans involved.