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Main image of Minotaur board game, based on a Greek archaeological find.

minotaur: can you defeat a legend?

You are the master builder. You are Daedalus.

In this remarkably addictive one-player game, it is up to you to build a labyrinth in which to trap the Minotaur.

This legendary Greek monster boasts the body of a man and the head of a bull.  And it hunts you while you go about constructing a puzzle so complex that it will trap the Minotaur forever.

Stay one step ahead of the Minotaur as you construct a labyrinth worthy of your name and seal it shut.

"Simple. Stunning. A must-have."

Play testers agree: The travel-friendly game Minotaur is an instant classic sure to find a place of pride on your game shelf...on the rare occasion you opt not to take it along on your journeys.

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