worm rainbow

Picture of a playing card from the game Earthworm Party. A smiling pink worm in the grass

Fast playing, hilarious fun for all ages

Chinook's first card game for children, Worm Rainbow has everyone playing at the same time. There's no waiting for someone to take their turn, and the game encourages talking and laughter.

Four worms, one dance card, go!

  1. Players hold four cards with a worm shown on each.
  2. The worms come in different colors and different number of wriggles (the one pictured here is a pink one-wriggler).
  3. A dance card is drawn that asks everyone to put their cards in a certain order of colors, or from most wriggles to least, or some other combination.
  4. The first person to lay out their cards in the right order and say "Party!" wins the round. They put one of their worm cards into their own mulch pile and draw one new worm card.
  5. The next round begins with a new dance card drawn.
  6. The player with the most worms in their mulch pile by the end of the game wins!

Great way to learn colors and counting

Worm Rainbow may be enjoyed by anyone who can count up to four, and knows their basic colors.  The game can also be used to teach these skills!

There's no reading required to play. 

For the active family

If you've ever been frustrated at missing game pieces, Worm Rainbow is for you. This game can be played normally if you lose 1, 5, or even 10  cards. Stop worrying about which games to pack along on your next trip, and grab Earthworm Party.

Coming to Kickstarter mid-2019

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